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Seth Adanmenoukon stands 6’3” and is of a brilliant dark-brown complexion. A quiet character, he has a strong dedication to his family and to the people of Africa. Seth wants to help others to pave their ways to success. He believes that he can help open doors of hope and dreams to others by demonstrating his fortitude, resilience, and passion during his spiritually driven journey to become a successful model, businessman, movie producer, and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. As an activist, Seth believes that the Mother of the universe is talking to the humans and not enough people are listening. We have all the signs to know what is coming. We must save the planet before is too late.

Seth Adanmenoukon was born in the town Abomey in Africa. As a new revelation of Benin’s models Seth has participated in several fashion shows and fashion competitions such as the African model “The FESMMA” in Benin June 7, 2014, the night of the loincloth in Togo in June 2014, the fashion week in Burkina Faso winning several trophies and accolades of excellence as a male model in his homeland, Africa.

Seth is inspired to follow his dreams by his noble countryman, actor Djimon Hounsou who is also from Porto-novo a region of Benin.

In February of 2016, Seth first came to the US where he first took up resident in Harlem, New York, where he took on jobs while looking for employment in entertainment. As his journey begins, going to castings and auditions, Seth participated in several New York Fashion Week highest shows he has walked the runways for Designer Olga Papkovitch, Marta Zampolini, (Zampa) and Dair Designs Collection and many others. In 2018 Seth was the face of commercial campaign for PoAR. In addition to working with photographers such as Studio5800, cthomasphoto, maya guezart, chris Abel, davidlaportestudio, picturesbyamy, Guy marino, Diane zhao, Touchandno.

Seth’s runway presence was admired by many designers and photographers, which lead other modeling agencies to seek him out for more fashion opportunities. In addition to his modeling talent Seth has been creating his own brand of clothing, SevenFox1890 for men, women and children. Seth also has a collaboration with Alive Shoes with his custom shoe designs SevenFox1890. Despite the ups and downs Seth is a warrior and a force in the modeling industry with unwavering positivity and an unforgettable smile. Seth uses his perseverance, patience and faith in himself as an advocate for those that dare to dream. A combination of talent, professionalism, and creativity make Seth a delight to work with in the fashion world. Seth is currently based in Los Angeles and can be contacted here for model bookings.

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